Versatile, dependable and more than capable

Heavy duty for the most demanding jobs

CBN Flywheel Grinding Wheels
If you're still using traditional wheels, it's time to upgrade to the future of abrasive grinding

Van Norman Flywheel Grinders
Flywheel grinding continues to be a profitable service that can generate additional sales and increase turn around in service bays. As few as 2-3 flywheels sent out per month is enough to make a payment on machine and build additional equity in your business.

Van Norman flywheel grinders will provide years of trouble free service thanks to their rugged design and history of reliability. Models range from portable machines for racing teams, small footprint machines for parts stores all the way up to heavy duty machines for diesel truck shops. Stop wasting time and money by sending flywheels out the door to be surfaced. Contact us today for more information on Van Norman Flywheel Grinders.