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MAGNAFLUX Black Light Systems
Magnaflux Spotcheck

Magnaflux SpotcheckZB-100F Portable Black Light System produces longwave ultraviolet light at 365 nanometers, providing optimum fluorescence in MAGNAGLO® and ZYGLO® testing materials.

  • • 100 watt black light with transformer, cords, GFCI and plug.
  • • Built-in fan keeps light cool-to-the-touch.
  • • Running temperature <85°F.
  • • Typical output 5,000 μW/cm2.
  • • #600004 portable unit includes carrying base and stand for storage of cord.
  • • #600005 Hand-held unit similar to #600004, except no carrying base provided.

Magnaflux Spotcheck Kit

MAGNAFLUX manufactures a broad range of Black Lights for virtually any application. The new ZB-12 Hands-Free Black Light is shown at left. The ZB-12 is a battery powered, modular Black Light System that allows the operator greater freedom to perform inspections. Additional Black Light Systems include:
•ZB-100 Black Lights
•ZB-150 FSB Self Ballast Black Light
•ZB-100F MB - Fan Cooled Mag Shot Black Light
•ZB-240 COOL- MAX Overhead Black Light Fixture
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