BNP Cabinets
The Original Industrial Quality Blast Cabinet

Pulsar Cabinets
The quality of BNP Cabinets in one, space-saving footprint

Inex Cabinets
The economical choice for low volume blasting

Soda Blast Cabinet
Built from the ground up, specifically for Soda Blasting

Large Cabinets & Blast Rooms
The only questions is - how big do you want it?

ZERO Inex Series Cabinets

INEX Blast Cabinets
The base model INEX 3048 comes without media reclaimer, and includes shop-vac-style vacuum collector suitable for occasional use in small shops or at home. The INEX 3048R with reclaimer delivers the higher-production features growing businesses need: continuous media cleaning and recycling, and dust bag for limited blasting, (less than an hour per day). Optional 300-cfm dry filter dust collector is suitable for extended blasting.

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INEX Blast Cabinet