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SVSII & SVSII HP - can your valve refacer hold .0002" runout?


Kwik-Way Valve Grinding Equipment
SVSII Specifications

Min. Chuck Capacity: Standard .1575" (4mm) Max. Chuck Capacity: Standard .5625" (14.3mm)
Valve Head Diameter Capacity .75"-4"
Minimum Stem Length 1.850" (47mm)
Valve Wheel Diameter 7" (178mm) Surface Wheel Diameter 3" (76mm)
Spindle Drive Motor 1/2 hp Chuck Drive Motor Gear Drive 1/12 hp
Coolant Capacity 1 Gallon (3.8L) Valve Wheel rpm 3450rpm
Stem Wheel rpm 3450rpm Variable Chuck Speed 100-300rpm
Minimum Air Requirement 65 psi Overall Length 37" (940mm)
Overall Width 22" (599mm) Overall Height 16" (406mm)
Height (on optional cabinet) 51" (1295mm) Shipping Weight 330 lbs (150kg)
Kwik-Way SVSII Deluxe Valve Grinder
Precision, Performance and Profits... The results you can expect from KWIK-WAY's continuing efforts to bring you the very best valve refacer available. The Deluxe control panel places important features at your fingertips - valve counter, chuck speed control, separate switch positions for spindle and chuck motors, valve speed chart, and machine maintenance chart. Backed by our exclusive 3 year limited warranty.

• KWIK-WAY's precision 6-ball chuck for fast, accurate centering of your valves - no collets to change
• Standard 4mm to 14.3mm chuck capacity
• Variable speed chuck to match the proper speed needed to grind today's variety of valve materials
• Rocker arm grinding attachment included
•.0005 accuracy for standard chuck
•.0002 accuracy for high-performance chuck

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SVSII Valve Grinding Machine
The main advantage that others have failed to duplicate is Kwik-Way’s exclusive six-ball centerlining chuck. The two sets of balls (three in each set), automatically find the existing valve stem centerline. This chuck handles any valve stem from 4mm to 14.3mm. Other machines can require as many as nine separate collets to achieve the same range.

Collet and "so-called centerless grinders" transfer wear from the valve stem directly to the valve face during grinding. Historically, these designs are only capable of achieving their advertised accuracy on NEW valves. The Kwik-Way Six-Ball, Centerlining Chuck design triangulates (or centers in) the wear area of the valve stem in order to grind the face concentric to the actual stem centerline. Because the two sets of centering balls act independently, taper on the valve stem will not affect accuracy (even on new valves). This feature is available EXCLUSIVELY with the SIX-BALL CENTERLINING CHUCK - a standard feature on all KWIK-WAY SVS II DELUXE Valve Refacers.