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MAGNAFLUX MAGNAVIS Magnetic Particle Inspection

Magnaflux Y-6 YokeMAGNAVIS VISIBLE (day light) Magnetic Particles are used for magnetic particle inspection method in the detection of SURFACE and SUBSURFACE indications in FERROUS materials. MPI inspection is used to inspect a variety of product forms such as castings, forgings, and weldments.

•Particle size is controlled to ensure maximum sensitivity •Meets major specifications
•One of the most durable particles in the industry to minimize loose fluorescent pigment that could mask indications
•Provides longer bath life
•ISO 9000 certified manufacturing facility

Magnaflux Y-6 Yoke Kit

Magnaflux 14A
MAGNAFLUX magnetic particles are designed to hold up better and do not break down during agitation. This avoids having to change the bath as often and insures consistent performance during inspection. The only requirement from an inspectability standpoint is that the component being inspected must be made of a ferromagnetic material such as iron, nickel or cobalt, or some of their alloys. Ferromagnetic materials are materials that can be magnetized to a level that will allow the inspection to be effective.
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