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ZERO Pulsar Series Cabinets

Pulsar IX Blast Cabinets
The Pulsar IX (suction or pressure) is the largest cabinet in the Pulsar series. It features a separate skid-mounted power module, large view window and a 2.0 cu.ft. capacity ASME-coded vessel on the pressure model. Work surface is flush with doorsill for easier access. Overall dimensions for cabinet are 87" H, 61" W x 57.5" D. Working chamber dimensions are 45" H x 55.5" W x 50.5" D. Power Module is 93" H x 50" W x 62" D.

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Pulsar IX Suction PS
Pulsar IX Pressure PS

Pulsar VI Blast Cabinets
Slightly larger than a Pulsar III. The Pulsar VI (Suction) & Pulsar VI-P (Pressure) feature a flanged mounting on the reclaimer that can accept a suction or pressure blast system. The VI-P incorporates a 1 cubic foot capacity blast machine to hold enough media to blast continuously for up to 30 minutes. Overall dimensions are 84" H, 52" W x 71" D. Working chamber dimensions are 43" H x 50" W x 39" D.

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Pulsar All-In-One Cabinet Brochure

Pulsar III Blast Cabinets
The first industrial, all-in-one blast cabinet includes blast system, true media reclaimer, and modern reverse pulse cartridge dust collector. Fully equipped to handle most common recyclable blast medias, the Pulsar III overall dimensions are 76" H, x 38" W x 62"D. Working chamber dimensions are 37" H x 36" W x 35" D. Heavy-duty 14-gauge cabinet shell, all-welded construction; 12.5” x 19.5” safety-glass view window.

Literature Downloads:
Pulsar All-In-One Cabinet Brochure
Pulsar III-PE Sit Down Cabinet