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Our online store, Cylinder Head Supply, features over 4,000 products for Automotive, Diesel and High Performance engine work. A small sampling of the products available online include:

• Valve Seat Tools - Neway, Three Angle Kits, Seat Grinding
• Crankshaft Tools - Polishers, Belts, Balancing Supplies
• Valve Guide Tools - Reamers, Brushes, K-Line Guide Liners
• Block Tools - Honing Plates, Cylinder Hones, Flex Hones
• Many more tools and supplies - don't see what you need - call us!

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At you will find a large selection of original MAGNAFLUX Products including:

• MAGNAGLO Equipment, Materials and Accessories
• MAGNAVIS Yokes, Coils, Materials and Accessories
• SPOTCHECK Kits and Materials
• ZYGLO Equipment, Materials and Accessories
• MAGNAFLUX Blacklights for fluorescent inspection