ZERO Blast Cabinets

BNP Cabinets
The Original Industrial Quality Blast Cabinet

Pulsar Cabinets
The quality of BNP Cabinets in one, space-saving footprint

Inex Cabinets
The economical choice for low volume blasting

Soda Blast Cabinet
Built from the ground up, specifically for Soda Blasting

Large Cabinets & Blast Rooms
The only questions is - how big do you want it?

ZERO Abrasive Blast Equipment
What makes ZERO different? Their machines are built to industrial standards. While other brand names come and go, ZERO continues to build products backed by decades of experience. From small cabinets to full size blast rooms, you can be sure that your investment in a ZERO product will provide valuable returns for years to come.


For decades, ZERO Products has been a leader in blast cleaning technology. With thousands of units in service across a broad range of industries, ZERO continues to develop quality products built to provide years of service. No matter what industry you're in, ZERO has a solution for your blast cleaning needs.


General cleaning, surface preparation, special applications. Whatever need you may have for an abrasive blast machine, we're here to help. Give us a call if you have questions about abrasives, equipment, applications or replacement parts. We're here to help!