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Magnaflux SpotcheckZYGLO is a FLUORESCENT nondestructive test method for Liquid Penetrant Inspections (LPI). This type of inspection is for applications that require an extremely sensitive penetrant inspection method that reveals SURFACE cracks and other discontinuities in virtually any NON-POROUS material both ferrous and non-ferrous.

• Offers high sensitivity, brightness and resistance to over washing
• Preferred by many of the largest aircraft manufacturers and over haul facilities in the world
• Meets major specifications, both military and nuclear
• Manufactured with high quality solvents that will produce the smallest indications that may be missed by other products.
• ISO 9000 certified manufacturing facility

Magnaflux Spotcheck Kit

ZYGLO fluorescent penetrants are formulated to offer improved sensitivity, brightness and resistance to over washing. Just like our visible penetrants we use high quality raw materials to give superior results in finding defects. Our ZYGLO penetrant products are known in the industry for their consistent performance and reliability. They are preferred by many of the largest aircraft manufacturers and overhaul facilities.

MAGNAFLUX manufactures penetrant materials, accessories and equipment, making us a one-stop shop. We are involved in the total process from start to finish, and produce our products to perform to the utmost of effectiveness when used together.
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